January 2,2019

​​Bathrooms are often one of the biggest issues transgender people deal with in regards to being our true selves.  Rules and laws very everywhere as to what is legal or right based on ones beliefs.  I will give my thoughts and hopefully ease some of the fears of the unknown.  Using the bathroom is a gift of nature we were created to eliminate the wastes from our bodies.  There is no way to get around a trip into the bathroom now and then.  Being transgender often creates a lot fears and anxieties for both the trans individual and the general cis population.  First one must understand that most transgender people just want to live safely and enjoy life as most people in the world.  I would be lying if I said that every single trans person is on the right side of the law.  Bad people come in all walks of life.  This doesn't mean there needs to be a fear of a trans person heading into the bathroom.  If a person identifies as trans that doesn't mean that suddenly they want to watch or attack someone in the bathroom.  While some trans people pass quite well others may not and this doesn't mean they don't need to use the restroom as well.  Just because a person hasn't had a surgery or a birth certificate  designation change doesn't mean that they are any less transgender.  Science has stated that there are factors that make us trans.  While a good portion of us have come out many have not fully come out.  What makes a lot of us noticeable is our fear of being out in public and therefore we sometimes are apprehensive about our actions.  Here again this isn't saying that we want to do anything other than use the restroom.  I firmly believe as a transwoman that when I go into the ladies room to conduct myself as a lady.  I honestly believe this applies to all transgender people.  Let me say that each and every person trans or cis has the right to make proper decisions on there bathroom behavior.  I hope that every transwomen is doing in the bathroom the main purpose of taking care of business properly.  You should know also that trans people identify as straight, gay, bi and that's the same as cis people.  Bathrooms aren't about sex though and if someone is being inappropriate by all means report it.  Being a transwoman means I identify as a women my gender is female.  Therefore I use the ladies room.  Yes, if a trans person walks into a bathroom  they will probably have to walk past you to find an open stall that's exactly what you do right.  They'll hopefully wash there hands in the sink after using the bathroom.  Who knows they may even try and fix there make-up or fix a contact by looking in the mirror don't be alarmed this is all natural.  There may even be eye contact at some point unfortunately I believe this happens in all bathrooms it shouldn't be treated as a crime.  Ultimately I wish I could twinkle my nose like Jeanie and have my own personal private completely secluded stall.  Unfortunately my twinkle nose has never worked.  Just because you believe this or that in your life's belief remember science has said gender  does exist.   Being transgender isn't a mental disorder remember science has stated there is a difference and I may just need to use the bathroom. gender identity

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