​​Work and Transgender Fears

Work and Transgender Fears

​March 26,2018


I must start off and remind everyone that I’m expressing my opinions.  From an employer perspective learning that an employee wants to transition can be quite a shock.  Especially if the company has never dealt with a trans issue.  Just because an employee is finally deciding to live as they truly feel in their heart shouldn’t discount their ability to work.  Each person has the option to exceed and perform based on there work ethics.  I have a strong work ethic so working now that I’ve transitioned is no different than before.  Depending on the work environment an employee may and probably will change a little in appearance.  A new name we be picked that all employees should use along with the preferred pronouns.  This will take a moment for everyone to learn especially if the employee is a long-term person.  Most of the time this is the hardest adjustment.  The next big thing will probably involve the restrooms addressed properly this will be a small issue. Companies should look at OSHA guidelines along with EEOC for guidance on bathrooms.  Each workplace can be transgender friendly with virtually no problems.  Look around as many major companies are applying gender policies to their handbooks.  Transgender employees given the opportunity and respect will often work harder than before.  As far as customers and vendors this shouldn’t be a problem if the company supports the employee.  I had to tell some vendors of my name change without any problems.  Every customer and vendor will likely mind their manners as this affects all aspects of business.  This isn’t to say that outside that they will agree but given time most will choose to ignore and move on.  The example set by the employer can really set the tone for the transition in the workplace.  It’s important for human resources to understand what transition means from their perspective.  Most transgender people can help with a list of who to talk to if necessary for more support and information.  All companies should really consider adopting gender policies as part of their employee handbook.  The business in general doesn’t need to know all aspects of the transition.  The staff should probably be informed that gender identity employees have the right to use the appropriate bathrooms in accordance with there gender identity.  It wouldn’t hurt if the employer had a training program that included gender.  While all of this seems like a large adjustment with respectful leadership this really will be a small cog in the big wheel.