Why is religion so against someone they don’t know?

February 2,2019


It’s a little amazing to me that some range of over 2000 religions exist plus any other beliefs that some have.  This can probably be broken down into even more based on the minister or the area of the church.  There is no one alive that can verify the bible in complete context.  It’s been translated a few times and there seems to be a lot of interpretation of what some of the verses say or mean to say.  The question then would be who is completely right.  I would guess to say my take would be love, respect and help each other sums it up fairly well.  So why as a society can’t we all except that we each have a choice in what religion is saying.  I’m trans and many people would argue about the fact I am a girl.  People say God doesn’t make mistakes and I shouldn’t be trying to correct what he created.  Well I beg to differ because you wouldn’t say that to someone born with a birth defect.  I would want science and doctors to correct all they can to give each person the best life possible.  Just because my gender isn’t visible on the outside and didn’t feel correct to me inside I’m choosing to correct my gender. My desire to live a happy healthy life is in know way a sign of satin.  I don’t feel the need to defend my choice to live happily and enjoy the short time on this planet.  When I live my life with no intent on causing harm to anyone why would you place me on a list of bad people.  Gee just because you got phobia’s in your life that scare you try getting some education about LBGTQ+.  Many people have stood up and defended my right to live in our country which by the way proud to be part of as I’ve paid my taxes in since I was 16 years old.  There are religions out there that support me in my decision to live true to myself.  I write this not wanting to anger or argue because nothing anyone says will change the way I feel in my body.  Try and remember although you can’t feel the feelings that I feel inside doesn’t mean my feelings aren’t valid.  In the end of our lives we’ll get cremated or buried for our final resting space.  Then is when I’ll find out if God is against me.  I try and even though on occasion have failed to treat others around me with love and respect.  I believe I’ll be forgiven to enter my kingdom.  I try hard each day to love and respect more each day because that’s who I am.  Religion don’t know me only I know me.  I’m still trying to decide what people are afraid of when it comes to the LBGTQ+ community.  Oh, were ruining the family as perceived by your eyes.  Life is a very short here on earth and we should be the happiest possible.  Teaching other people to hate someone that they don’t understand isn’t a very Christian behavior. Respect each other’s religion for what they believe.  There should be no reason whatever to refuse a service to anyone as that is discrimination.  If you’re in business treat all people with respect they deserve.  Where would we be if as a society we each decided on each person’s actions or beliefs.  Yes, laws that are broken especially when your hurting others around you is a reason to judge someone.  We each deserve to be here and enjoy life.  Just because a there’s a false accusation surrounding LBGTQ+ being bad the next question would be why.  Just because someone loves someone or wants to be there true gender and happiest they can be why treat them disrespectfully.  Goodness gracious maybe we teach kids or others to love each other and respect each other.  Each one of us can go through and decide where we stand regarding religion but it’s not our job to judge the right or wrong.  It’s our job to treat each other with the love and respect that each deserve.  You could continue to argue religion but the good book says ????? based on your personal thoughts.  Reality is my being trans and a lesbian won’t really hurt you or anyone you know in any way.  To sell or serve me won’t kill you and it won’t mean your going to hell for loving and respecting others.  To accept your friends, neighbors, and family as they are won’t kill you.  Life is going to end soon enough without our agreement on the perfect world.  Don’t miss out on the chance to share the love that you have to share.  Don’t miss out on the chance to meet great human beings out of the fears.  Don’t waste your time trying to prove who’s right and who’s wrong.  Use the harmful energy on positive things in life like helping someone that needs the help.  The LBGTQ+ community will never go away no matter how hard people scream.  Love and accept spread love and respect grow and learn really practice the main goal of religion LOVE.        

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