Racing In My Life

Racing where it began in my world.  Much like my gender issue there isn’t a clear answer.  From an early age I’ve wanted to race stock cars on dirt or asphalt.  It really doesn’t matter the type of car from sprint cars to late models.  I remember watching racing on the television at a young age and shortly after the race would go down and wrench on the bike, coasting go cart, or wagon.  I believe the love of tinkering around with tools was part of the factor.  I’m unsure of the first race I ever attended presumably when I was little.  My mom from what I’ve been told attended races occasionally.  I liked to race my bike, wagon or coasting go cart in circles.  Just couldn’t get enough as I remember painting numbers on my go cart along with sponsors that never paid.  Advancing in age my love for racing and the sounds associated with motors seemed to fill my world.  I started working at sixteen and was able to purchase a truck that would allow me to get out to racetracks.  While I didn’t really know anyone involved I started attending regularly.  I did buy a ford Maverick at 16 with intent of making my own racecar.  I sought out and bought a couple books about building a stock car which I still own today.  I started building a car and because of time, money, equipment, and complete lack of knowledge the project became yard art.  My weekends consisted of going to the races where and when I could afford.  To this day I still attend races just about every weekend.  I’ve attended races in Riverside, Holt Summit, Odessa, Warrensburg, Grain Valley, Osborne in Missouri.  I attended Races in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota.  I would still love to attend many other tracks someday in the future.  I met people throughout all the years and made several racing friends.  Because my love for racing was so strong I would rush to be the first one at the gate on Saturday night at the famed I-70 speedway.  I got lucky and was given a certificate to attend the driving school on the asphalt.  I got to drive 10 laps managed to hit the rev limiter each lap.  Drove as hard as they let me and was told I did great just watch pinching the corners.  My love would eventually get me an award as the most dedicated fan in 2005.  I attended the awards banquet and received a plague.  This was neat to be given an award for being a total fan who loved racing.  As I was standing at the front gate and entered one day they were having family day in which they were raising money for something which led to my helping.  Really if they would have just asked years before for help I’d jump at the chance.  Eventually I joined the fan club from the track as they were more less a volunteer helper.  I did things like put away stock, clean bathrooms, sweep water, help with whatever I could.   I was attending races every weekend Friday and Saturday as much as I could.  I really enjoyed the weekend campouts that involved racing.  In 2006 continuing my help at the track and just being an absolute fan who enjoyed watching racing.  Each weekend I would help as much as possible as I 70 was building a dirt track behind the asphalt. Luck would happen again this time I got to drive a little enduro in a boat trailer race.  Simply put you have a boat on a trailer and try to knock off others boats off the trailer at around 70 miles an hour.  I was the only one in a four cylinder and managed to lead each lap and still have my boat at the end.   Again in 2006 I was given the Most Dedicated Fan award.  In 2007 we were really trying to get the dirt track up and going I worked several weekends and a few evenings really trying to help to make things work.  I drove tractors, Grader, and water truck to help get the dirt ready each weekend.  There were many days pushing water on the asphalt track plus several laps running around in an enduro car trying to dry the track.  Did I mention the fact of cleaning and fixing broken stuff constantly?  I also started helping in the tower a little bit on the asphalt side.  I became the backstretch official on the dirt track side.   We started what was called farm truck class on the dirt.  Which consisted of getting a truck and a helmet and going racing.  I ran a couple of races in the little S-10 pack truck managed to pull off a victory out of the four of us running.  Racing being an official getting involved in many aspects of racing was more than I could dream.  Late in 2007 we held the figure 8 Nationals on the dirt track and I flagged my very first race standing no more than 15 feet from the track.  In 2007 my participation was excessive to say the least, so I was awarded a dedication award for my commitment to the track.  2008 was both exciting and sad as this ended the racing at I-70 on both asphalt and dirt.  Throughout the year though I enjoyed many more nights helping and growing in my love for racing.  I did run a school bus in a figure 8 race, but my bus wouldn’t run. Lucky though not many people can add that to there list of races.   I filled in announcing for oh a half hour or so once, and spent several days doing everything you can possibly do at the track.  Through all the ups and downs at I -70 speedway my involvement in racing was continuing to grow.  After close of I-70 speedway luck would happen again as I was asked to come to Valley Speedway to help as an official on the backstretch for 2009 season.  My participation became helping to prepare the facility each weekend and being the back straight official.  Again, I spent many hours helping where I could.  I was given the C.A.R.B. central auto racing boosters Unsung Hero award at the banquet.  Pretty awesome to receive yet another award for helping in a sport I love.  I not quite sure exactly when I moved up the front stretch official.  I did this until 2011 when I was pushed up to the flag stand.  Though a bit rough at first trying to learn everything that your responsible for being the one controlling most actions on the track. Flagging is rewarding and nerve wrecking.  I’m still flagging the races and been lucky enough to flag many drivers.  I’ve flagged the USAC National Midget, USMTS, Poweri Midgets, War Sprints, ASCS winged sprints plus all the weekly classes.  Even been lucky enough to flag a few Nascar drivers.  Giving the drivers meeting is probably the worst part of being the flagman.  I have flagged the races on Halloween in a dress and heels.  I managed to wear my fairy outfit one Halloween.  I spend my Saturdays prepping the track before flagging and hope this will continue for several more years.