What to say to a trans person

​December 11,2018

I know sometimes approaching someone that is different from what is presumed to be the norm of our society is scary.  After all, how or what do you say to the person that’s different from what you know.  While each person is different with who they are or what they want or do in their life.  Answers will be unique to each person.  General conversations are always a great place to start.  There is no need to avoid conversation with a LBGTQ+ individual.  A LBGTQ+ person won’t rub off on you and shouldn’t really affect your current status in life.  We are people who for whatever reason whether genetic or whatever the reasons are attracted to a life outside what some would call the norm of society.  I can’t say exactly why we love the way we do but in reality, does it even matter.  A general conversation with a person who is LBGTQ+ can be about sports, life, animals, family, or millions of other topics.  Its true most of us like something in the world and we all follow our dreams of enjoying our life’s passions.  To me talking about racing, renfest, hockey, remodeling the house, cars, sewing, music, or several other topics would be great.  Talking about being transgender with me is great however not everyone is quite as comfortable as me.  As a transwoman I want to be involved in the girl conversation and can likewise enjoy a conversation with the guys.  I’ll still be a female even after talking with the guys it won’t change who I am.  Remember just like yourself if a subject comes up that you don’t want to talk about it’s perfectly alright to say that your uncomfortable with the topic.   I know many of us are exceptionally scared when we first start living as we truly feel.  Sometimes it makes it hard to start or join in a conversation from the fear of how people feel about us.  There is no reason to fear having a person in a conversation as a transwoman my understanding is growing and learning.  I’m trying to learn and be a better person but still realize a fear that I’ve carried for many years.  I want to talk with people about many things of all sorts and really like when people ask questions.  I’ve been blessed and asked to help a few people with understanding the trans thing and excited to see people grow and learn from what I could share.  If I don’t understand something the opportunity to learn and grow is something, I take great pride in.   It’s ok to take a little time talk to someone that is LBGTQ+.  Again, there is little need to fear having a talk with someone who is different.  It’s alright to ask a person if they would answer some questions that you have, but respect there right to say no.  Everyone of us has our own comfort zone and some may not be quite ready or prepared to answer questions.   As always you should be respectful as you ask questions and allow yourself to really listen to what is being shared to you.