Time Line Of My Life

This page is always under construction and will be added to as time permits and life continues

​January 21, 1969 - Paul Joseph Egleston is Born

​Sometime around 1975 - Desires to be a girl start to surface

​Sometime around 1977 - Began really dreaming of being a girl

Sometime around 1982 - Begin dressing up when I could hide

1984- attended a prep seminary my freshman Year of high school

​I lived in a all male dormitory and even had a stash of clothes with me because I would use part of my allowance to purchase female clothing

​April 1986 - Started working a job in fast food

​Started really buying my own collection of girls clothing.

​I would dress after work if even for a couple of minutes before getting scared.

​I would wear panties, pantyhose or tights under my school clothes

​1986 Met my first real girlfriend - I did tell her of my crossdressing and the relationship ended

​October 1986 - Halloween Dressed up and went to work as a French Maid.

​May 1987 - Graduated from High school

​1987- I talked with a military recruiter but couldn't figure out how I could dress in the military so never signed up

​1988 - Started College - Auto Mechanics - never finished ran out of money

​1989 - met my first wife - Yes I did tell her of my crossdressing and did dress with her present

1991 - I was married for the first time

​1991- I purged all of my clothing and suffered only a couple days before making a purchase of more female clothing.

August 1991 - My daughter was born

​Dressed up privately at home most any free time I could

​Dressed up and went Renfest as a cheerleader

​1992- Dressed up as a girl and went to work at convenience store for Halloween

​1993- I had false nails done for Halloween

​Dressed up as cheerleader and took my daughter to Worlds of Fun

1994- Divorced from my first wife -

1994- Met my current wife

I would dress up and be Kimberly as often as possible.  There were times that I would try and venture out but the fear of someone discovering me kept me mostly in the closet.  A few time my second wife would play with my hair and make-up and we'd make a trip to the store. Every Halloween was an opportunity to dress from this point on as I could hide behind the holiday.   

1997- I Dressed up in a French maids outfit had a Halloween party and asked my wife to marry me

1998-I got married ***I got corrected by the wife as I originally put the wrong date oops ***

​After the wedding was done I went home and got dressed up and went out with my wife.  There have been many days of closet hiding in my life and unfortunately I wasted a lot of time in fear because I don't want to loose people in my life.  There were times with little bit of Kimberly and several with lots of Kimberly.  I can remember once when the wife told me to give Kimberly a break and then after a week of grumpy I was told get dressed. 

​2003-attended Eureka Enfemme Fall Getaway- for the first time- I drove down Enfemme scared to death but managed to fight through with the help of others and my wife. 

2004-attended Eureka Enfemme Spring Getaway -  I was a little more at ease than the first time

​2004-Attended Eureka Enfemme Fall Getaway - I was lot more at ease

​2005- Attended Eureka Enfemme Fall Getaway-

​2006- Attended Eureka Enfemme Fall Getaway-

​2007-Attended Eureka Enfemme Fall Getaway-

​2008-Attended Eureka Enfemme Fall Getaway-

​2011-Started Wearing fake nails full time 

​2011-Started wearing make-up to work

​2012-Started wearing skirts to Hockey games

​2013-I've been wearing skirts and dresses out to eat regularly 

​2013-I went all home Mavs Hockey Games dressed up

2014-I got rid of all but a couple pair of male jeans

 October -2016 Started attending group

​October - 2016 -Called the Transgender Institute

​November - 2016 - Met with Caroline at Transgender Institute to discuss my gender issue.

​November - 2016 -got my paperwork to get hormones

​December -  2016-went to the Hormone doctor

​December -  2016 Started Hormones

​March 2016 - went to my first real doctors appointment in 30 years - It's documented that I'm transgendered

​April 2017 - I went and told my daughter then my parents of my intentions to live as a transwoman

​September-told HR that I was Transgender

​October 2017- I've been attending group regularly for a year

​November 5, 2017- Officially acknowledged the fact I am a transwoman on both of my active facebook accounts. 

​November 6. 2017- My official coming out day at work as Kimberly and using the ladies room.

​December 8,2017 -My first year  anniversary on hormones

​December 27,2017- started Voice lessons

​January 3,2018- filed for my name change

​February 20, 2018 Name and gender change complete

​March 7, 2018 Started another round of voice lessons

January 14, 2019 started my third round of voice lessons.

January 19,2021 Started making serious plans for bottom surgery