I posted did you know originally in November 5,2017

Updated 2022

What has changed since my gender transition in 2016

I made decision to transition from male to female (MTF) in officially in October of 2016 after attending a few meetings with transwoman’s support group and a lifetime of gender dysphoria.

When I made the lifelong decision to accept my true gender I informed my wife, Daughter, and certain friends.

I started laser hair removal on my face

In November of 2016 I officially started using she/her pronouns.   

I switched the bathrooms and started using only the female bathroom.  Except at work

I met with a therapist and discussed my gender dysphoria to obtain the necessary letter to get started on hormones.

In December of 2016 I met with the gender clinic at KU to get checked out for hormones.  The doctor after several questions and a check of my health prescribed my hormones which I started.

I started taking spironolactone to decrease my testosterone and estradiol to give me estrogen.

Changes started quickly my skin started becoming softer and my body hair became less and finer.  My emotions also took a major change.  I lost what I called my hulk explosive ness and gained a softer more emotional side.  My breast started developing and have become a decent size.  I gained an inner peace that is indescribable.  A freedom of not having to hide a secret that I’ve carried my entire life. 

In April of 2017 with help and support from my trans group I gained enough courage to face my biggest hurdle in my transition sharing with my parents. 

In September of 2017 I informed my job of my gender and name change to take place in November of 2017. 

November 5, 2017, I officially came out at work (officially started using the women’s restroom and changed my name. Came out on Facebook to all remaining friends and family.

In January of 2018 I applied to get my name and gender changed and in February had a court date and legally became Kimberly Tiffany Egleston and female. 

In January of 2021 I started pursuing my gender confirmation surgery I had two visits with two therapists to acquire the necessary letters.  I had to meet with three doctors and get cleared.  In November of 2021 my surgery was completed.  Life goes on. 

Since my transition

Posted originally November 5,2017                                                               Updated November 5,2022

Did you know? I Paul Joseph Egleston was born on January 21,1969       I Kimberly Tiffany Egleston was born on January 21,1969 (officially on my birth certificate)

Did you know?  I'm a Transwoman                                                                   I still identify as a transwoman or Female

Did you know?  I’m now going by Kimberly Tiffany Egleston                       I’m still Kimberly Tiffany Egleston

Did you know?  I will be getting my name legally changed soon                 Yes, my name is legally changed

Did you know?  I prefer female pronouns                                                         I use only female pronouns

Did you know?  I felt different at age 8                                                              Nothing has changed as I’ve felt different since at least age 8

Did you know?  I've hidden the fact I'm Transgender for 40 + year's           Today there is no more hiding of my gender

Did you know?  I been truly blessed with great life teachers                          I can’t express enough how blessed I’ve been to have great life teachers in my parents and

in my parents and grandparents                                                                          grandparents

Did you know?  I proposed to my fabulous wife Joan wearing a                    We just celebrated our 24th anniversary

French maid outfit 20 years ago and we've been married 19 years

Did you know?   I have a lovely daughter Amy from my first marriage          Still have a lovely Daughter Amy

Did you know?  I am blessed with a beautiful granddaughter Melody           I now have two granddaughters Melody and Lu.  Just added to the family a grandson Kodah

Did you know?  I have two sisters and a brother                                                 I have two sisters and a brother

Did you Know? I love God                                                                                         I still love God

Did you know?  I love my family                                                                               I still love my family

Did you know?  I love my friends                                                                              I still love my friends

Did you know?  I love auto racing                                                                             I still love racing, track prep, and flagging the races

Did you know?  I love renfest                                                                                     I still love renfest

Did you know?  I love hockey                                                                                     I still love Hockey

Did you know?  I love ice skating                                                                               I still love skating

Did you know?  I love gardening                                                                                I still love gardening

Did you know?  I love remodeling the house                                                           I still love remodeling the house

Did you know?  I love sewing                                                                                       I still love sewing

Did you know?  I love wearing dresses                                                                       I love wearing dresses

Did you know?  I love visiting the zoo                                                                         I still love the zoo

Did you know?  I like making things out of wood                                                      I still love making things wood, metal plastic whatever my creative mind can conquer

Did you know?  Pink is my favorite color                                                                     Pink is still my favorite color

Did you know?  I really like petticoats                                                                          I still love petticoats

Did you know?  I like wearing high heels                                                                      I still like high heels

Did you know?  I've worked steady since I was 16,                                                    I’m still working 20 plus years at current job

Did you know?  I've been a closing manager, assistant manager,                       I’m still a lead in my job

and a lead couple times throughout my working career

Did you Know? I’m currently working in production and warehouse as the           I’m still in the same job

lead in engineering department

Did you Know? I help prep a dirt racetrack and I'm the flag man                              I’m still working at the track prepping and a flag woman

Did you know?  The closest I’ve come to ending up in jail was for having a            Still the closest jail call

 scanner in my pocket

Did you know? Being trans is not a choice                                                                      Still not a choice

Did you know? I want nothing special just the right to provide for my family         Still providing for my family

Did you know?  I deserve to have job, housing, and health care like                         Still deserve the right to pay taxes have a job, housing, health care

everyone else.

Did you know?  I wouldn't change who I am and have become                                   I still can’t change who I am or have become

Did you know?  If you can't accept me for who I am you can kindly unfriend me     Still so true if you can’t love me then please kindly unfriend me

Did you know?  I hope for nothing but the best for each person on my friends list   I still want nothing but the best for all people in my life

Did you know?  I hope each person reading this will remain a friend                            I still hope no one will unfriend me because of my gender and all will remain a friend

                                                                                                                                             NEW- I’ve been singing karaoke and performed in a musical

                                                                                                                                             NEW-Dancing or at least that’s what I try to do

                                                                                                                                             New- attempting to educate when the opportunity arises

Did you know?  I have a website since 2001 www.kimberlytiffany.com                        Website still up and updated when time permits www.kimberlytiffany.com

with a bio, q and a about me

It might shock you to know some of these things about me.                                            It might be a shock very little has changed. I’ve grown a few days older and learned

                                                                                                                                                       Some things about myself and others.  I still say love and respect one another


I want everyone to know that being Transgender doesn't change the person              I would like everyone to know that my gender change hasn’t really changed the

I've been all my life.  I'm finally choosing to let my secret of 40 years                             person I’ve been all my life.  I will never hide who I am.  There is no secret to my

out of the closet and live true to myself.                                                                                complete and overall happiness. 

I smile because I love life, and while there is occasional turmoil somedays.  The freedom of not hiding has allowed me growth in many ways.  I’m blessed to help others in my life and beyond.  I’m reminded that life is short, and, in a day, there may not be an opportunity to love all the people I love.  Please respect others around you and make the world a better place.