Being Trans isn't A Choice

Being Trans Isn't A Choice

January 30,2019

One thing that is a certainty being trans isn’t a choice.  Nobody wakes up one day and says I believe I’ll take up being transgender.  You can’t currently go get tested and prove you have transgender in you.  Although science and studies are currently showing some signals that being trans is a bodily make-up(brain).  They have yet to be able to test conclusively that transgender exists in current test form.  It’s also impossible for anyone to see the transness of an individual.  Unlike many birth defects that one can test for or visually see transness is invisible.  Many a transgender person will acknowledge having a feeling of something feeling different at an early age.  There isn’t a perfect signal of any type just a feeling that each individual feels inside.  Most of the time the feeling is suppressed because of lack of understanding.  Much of the time a transgender person feeling will happen at a young age.  However, there is no perfect time for one to acknowledge the transness within.  After having the feeling of being transgender one must then decide whether to hide or bring out their true self.  Again, there is no perfect way or signals to guide someone in this decision.  Most of the time telling will depend upon family life.  How a person is raised in a strict religious environment or more open freedom family.  While neither family life is wrong generally in a more religious conservative home its often a lot harder to express one’s true feelings.  Often there is a big fear in dealing with loved ones in our lives.  We fear losing people because they can’t or won’t except us after our transition.  We also depending on our age must deal with job losses, insurance issues and home issues.   We must eventually make a choice to live as we truly feel or learn to suppress in usually a harmful way.  The miss conception that we do this on a whim or without thought is usually a very false statement.  Most of us have spent hours ourselves trying to understand why we have the feelings inside like we do.  Although the answer as to the perfect signal doesn’t exist really its just a feeling one has inside.  One does make a choice to acknowledge their true feelings or hide.  Hiding true feelings can lead to very harmful and sometimes destructive life.  I strongly recommend if you’re having bad thoughts please ask a therapist or counselor for help.  There is no amount of praying or conversion therapy that will cure someone or give them their ultimate answer.  Generally, one can only hide or suppress the feeling of trans for a period of time.  As each person makes their personal choice to accept or refuse the feelings of transness will reflect in one’s life.   Again, making the choice to acknowledge Transness isn’t the worst thing ever.  Most of the time accepting oneself will create a stronger and better you.  This does not come without fears and lots of work, but the smile and relief gained is worth it to acknowledge one’s true self.   I can’t stress enough if you are trans or learning that a loved one is trans please allow yourself time to understand.  Just because someone is identified based on their genitals at birth let it be known gender is in the brain.    Nobody will have a sign or a perfect answer for all the issues regarding being transgender or gender variant.  Love and respect each other.