Taken at Santa Cali Gon several years ago

The night I proposed to my wife later in the evening.  

Originally done in 2001 updated periodically

       A little bit of information about me.  I'm a fifty-year-old happily married transwoman to a beautiful wife with one daughter, and two granddaughters, grandson, but first a little about my history.  I was born in January a couple months early and labeled as a boy based on my body parts.  My mom was raising me when she remarried, and my dad adopted me at a very young age.  My parents and grandparents blessed me by being great educators and loving family.  I was raised up in the catholic church and spent my childhood as a boy with one exception.  I didn't feel like everything matched in my thoughts.  Although my cross dressing started early on in my life around 6 years old, I don't remember exactly the very first time I dressed up.  I can remember many dreams and thoughts about wearing girls’ clothing.  Many days I wanted to be and felt like a girl.  I never discussed the gender feelings out of fear of what would happen if I told.  I started dressing up using anything I could get my hands on.  I did dress in whatever I could when I could hide, so my family wouldn't know.  My desires to dress up would come and go depending on my fear level.  I couldn't explain the need to dress up and spent many days just dreaming about being a girl.  The dreams of outfits and waking up a girl was often on my mind.  In most ways I acted as a rowdy boy who loved being outdoors enjoying my bike, soccer, football, and just flat out playing around.  I also fell in love with auto racing.  I loved to work on things with my hands especially building and taking things apart.  Feeling like a girl was so confusing to me.  How is it that I could’ve been born a boy as proclaimed by the doctors and at the same time feel like a girl.  In my teens my desires to dress and be a girl got stronger.  I still couldn't figure out why and thought I must really be weird.  In my freshman year in high school I was considering the possibility of becoming a priest, but still had great desires about dressing and being a girl.  Deciding that being a priest wasn't for me I went about enjoying the things I enjoyed auto racing, cross dressing, and working.  Now that I was working, I was able to purchase my own stash of feminine clothing.  I still fought with the many questions why?   Why do I want to dress up and be a girl? I would then throw everything out, and I would soon learn that I was missing something in my life.  This would get me to start dreaming about being a girl to the point I would go buy some more clothes.  I did finally see a couple of talk shows dealing with transgender, transsexual, and cross dressing, but all this did was raise my curiosity even more.  While in my teens I decided to dress up for Halloween and go to work.  I dressed up as a French maid for my job at a fast food restaurant.  I was scared to death to go out, but I had dreamed of the day I could go out dressed up.  To help ease my fears I somehow convinced my best friend to dress up as a pirate girl.  I did a lot of bribing to get him to join in.  I went to work and had what I would say one of the greatest days of my life.  I received many good compliments on my costume and very little negative.  I went to bed that night wearing my costume figuring that I would get up before my mom and change back, but I was woke up in the morning when my mom came in my room to ask me if I could help her put new carpeting in the kitchen.  Needless to say, mom got quite a shock when I was laying there dressed up as a French maid.  Thankfully dad was out of town on business.  I told mom I would put the carpet in, and I did while dressed up, all the while she was saying I wish you'd go change.  Well back to the closet after that many more ups and downs with desire to dress and be a girl.  In my early twenties I was married, and my daughter was born.  My first marriage was a problem for several reasons and ended in my middle twenties.  During that time, I dressed up mostly at home and occasionally on Halloween as a girl.  It was great fun to dress up working in a convenience store walking around for nine hours in heals and a dress.  People just couldn't believe I could walk around that well, little did they know I had hours of practice at home.  Shortly after my divorce I was introduced by a friend to my current wife, and what a relief cause my friend knew of my cross dressing, my wife was aware before we even had our first date.  After a few more years of dating I decided to throw a Halloween party and ask her to marry me.   I was dressed up in the first dress I had sewn, a French maid dress.  We had a great party and I surprised the hell out of her when I proposed at the party.  Thankfully she said yes.  However, as the night progressed, I got the daylights scared out of me as we were partying my neighbor showed up and wanted to speak to Paul.  Well I sure shocked her, as she was there to whine about the noise we were making.  I still would say at this point in my life that I was mostly in the closet but had the door open.  A year later me and my wife were married.  Unfortunately, it was just a traditional wedding not my dream wedding. As soon as the reception was over I went home dressed up in a dress and we went back out.  On our honeymoon in Las Vegas, I did get the chance to dress up and go see LaCage.  We had a fun evening and week and soon were back home.  Each year brought many challenges with the cross dressing and as time has progressed so has my understanding and acceptance of my transgendered state.  I now accept that this gender issue is here and consider myself lucky to have found myself.  Me and my wife have made some great friends by attending the eureka enfemme getaway.  Thanks to the Internet and many friends I progress each day in my understanding and can't wait to learn more and meet more friends.  My daughter has seen me dressed up since she was born and therefore it’s not as big issue.  However there have been many questions from her at different times.  I'm now out acknowledging myself completely as of November of 2017.  My family is now aware of Kimberly.   I have several pictures on the wall and let anyone who enters my home see.  Before coming out I had been wearing eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick to work for the last few years.  It's amazing to me how little people realize.  It took me several years dressing up and venturing out to address my fears.  My fears of what people think seems to be disappearing with age.  I have decided that life is short, and I enjoy my feminine side so I should embrace it.  The last several years I've had my nails done (long and polished) along with wearing make-up.  I've been enjoying venturing out it seems odd that all these years in hiding is vanishing.   I still enjoy cars, auto racing, hockey, bicycling, carpentry, zoo, dressing up, skating, sewing and much more. I'm now a GG on thanksgiving  2020 to my 8-year-old granddaughter who has already been out to the zoo and everywhere else with me dressed up.  I have no intensions on hiding from her.  She likes me to polish her nails like mine. I decided in October of 2016 to attend a transwoman group following a few meetings made the decision to call a therapist.  After seeing the therapist in early November 2016, I decided to start taking hormones in December 2016.  I finally have made appointments with both a regular doctor and doctor to handle my hormones.  This is the first time in 30 years for me to see a personal doctor.  In April 2017 I told my parents that I was going to live as Kimberly after a conversation with my wife and daughter.  Because of the support from my wife, daughter, and girls in my group I feel more confident each day.  In late August 2017 I decided to come out at work so towards the end of September 2017 told human resources of my decision to live as my true self Kimberly.  I decided that coming out completely would happen when I came back from vacation in November of 2017.  So as of early November 2017, I'm officially out as Kimberly at work.  I also posted on the Facebook a thing called Did You Know to all my friends of my intent to live as Kimberly.  I'm living as Kimberly Tiffany officially and legally got my name changed which I completed February 22, 2018.  As of February 22, 2018, my name became Kimberly Tiffany Egleston and my gender was changed to female.  I'm dealing with the challenge of changing my name on all of items needing name change.   I'm now working towards having my gender conformation surgery hopefully this year of 2021 if all works out. GCS was completed in November of 2021 and all is well.