Kimberly's Truck Inspection


    Well after working hard all the first 5 months of 2014 I decided Kimberly needed a vacation day.  So I decided on my day off that I would get my nails done.  I was very excited cause I could dress up and get my nails done.  So after choosing the pink petticoat with the black skirt, pink tank top, and black mesh like top.  I put on my heels and headed off to the nail salon that I use.  On the way to get my nails done I remembered that I needed to have an inspection done on my truck to renew the tags.  My thoughts were I could go and do this inspection although going to a shop dressed like I was would really stand out.  Well I'll think about it while my nails are being done.  I've been in the nails salon dressed before so it was no problem at all.  All the while I couldn't help but think about going and doing the inspection and what fun it would be.  Once I started the truck I had to make a choice and so I did head over to the shop to have my inspection done.  It was really no problem at all hard to believe I had been sweating this for the last couple hours.  The truck passed inspection and I had a great time waiting there dressed up.  So I headed home to refresh my make-up.  I soon headed off to the park to do a little photo shoot.  I had a grand time posing in different areas of the park.