​​      Welcome to my page sharing My life and My journey of transgender(gender) issues. I'm a male to female (MTF) Trans woman who has been dealing with the issue of gender identity for a good amount of my life. As the years progress, so does my understanding and acceptance for my true gender.  After spending several years trying to figure out the thoughts of my lifelong feelings I'm learning more about myself and growing. It's my hope to share some of my adventures, thoughts and further progress in my acceptance of my gender issues. Please E-mail me with questions or thoughts.  Please do look around and enjoy my bio, adventures, photo's, educational page, tg stories and Q and A Page.  

I'd Like to say a word of thanks to my wife for the support I get from her.

Likewise, I would like to give a shout out to all my friends & sisters out there for their support and encouragement without them I wouldn't be able to enjoy who I am today.  They helped me gain the courage to become my true self. 

Please remember that though each and every one of us is different in life by many different definitions.  Most of us intend to lead a good life with no intention of causing trouble.  Many of us transgendered individuals lead normal lives single or married and some with children.  Life is full of many types of individuals straight, gay, good, bad, rich, poor, big, small and several other things.  Regardless of who or what we are no one should take it upon oneself to bully or degrade someone for who they are.  Reading through this website you'll see that all the while being transgendered is a part of my life in many ways my life would be considered normal. 

In November of 2016 I had some interesting interaction attending a transgender group.  I was asked at a transgender group meeting if I consider myself a cross-dresser or transgender.  I answered unsure as this is how I felt because I needed to face my fears.  Although for forty years I really tried to identify as a cross-dresser to somewhat hide who I am and seem less committed to being transgender out of fear.  Part of growing older and wiser is to admit to oneself about who you truly are.  A few years ago, when a friend died, I realized that our time here on earth is limited and in any number of days life can be over.  My biggest fears to date have been losing friends and family over being transgender.  I've accepted the fact that I may lose someone as one of my biggest fears but being myself out and open is what I should strive for in the future.  I will always be myself regardless of how I'm dressed or presenting.  I will always be willing to help family and friends with projects and needs if I can.  Being Transgender is not really changing the person within as much as allowing the person I am within to grow outward and become even stronger.  Many will probably question why all the sudden has this new aspect of me appeared but believe it or not I have fought with the gender issue for many years.  This revelation will probably help explain some of the hidden parts of my life.  I encourage anyone that wants to ask questions to please ask as this will help me become stronger and learn more about myself and others.  With all of this being said some may wonder where this is going to lead me in the future.  I can't say for sure what the future will bring as I continue to grow daily.  I've got my thoughts about different aspects of being transgender and what this really means.  I've chosen to accept and embrace my feelings and grow into a fine young lady.  I would encourage anyone who is reading this and questioning where this all started to go back and read through my bio, Q &A, My Story short or long and Transgender Info as some of this will help put somethings into perspective.  Although I'm still a bit scared about many things my future is bright. In looking to the future I feel very excited and ready to grow even more. I'm hoping that as I grow in the future my friends and family will grow with me.  While I've been very scared to directly address the topic of transgender, I'm going to make a much better effort to push myself to continue on with my life's journey.   I am a transwoman and proud member of the LBGTQ+ family.  

Kimberly Tiffany          


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