Kimberly's Driver License Renewal


My first Adventure of 2009 came in January when the time came to renew my drivers license.  I had been contemplating renewing my drivers license while dressed up.  So on the day to get my drivers license renewed I decided Kimberly would go and renew Paul's license.  I selected a nice brown skirt that fell a few inches below my knees cause I wanted my pretty copper colored boots to show underneath.  I picked out a pretty white blouse with ruffles.  After I had dressed I did my make-up and prepared to head out.  I was a little worried about how they would react at the license bureau. At the license bureaus with all paperwork in hand I proceeded to go in and say I needed to renew my license.  The lady behind the counter took my paperwork and typed in the information and made my take the eye test then said stand over by the blue wall.  A couple of minutes later I was handed my new drivers license with Kimberly's photo.  
     I had also figured that since I had taken the day off work now would be a good time to get a replacement social security card because mine was unreadable.  I couldn't wait to get the card just because I was having a great time being out all dressed up.  Replacing my social security card went off perfectly so I figured what the heck should a girl now except go shopping.  
     So off to the thrift stores to look for bargains, I had great time out looking through clothes and making a few purchases. To bad this girl has a budget otherwise I could've shopped all day.  I then went out and had some lunch and then home for the day can't wait to venture out some more later this year.