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Q. What is transgender?
A. Someone who expresses a gender opposite there birth gender (EXP. male to female or female to male).  This creating gender issues.

Q. Why would you choose to be transgender?
A. Well complicated answer I'm not quite sure why but here is my take.  I believe that we all have two genders(duel gender) inside of us.  Some are a bit stronger in some than others. No one seems to have a great answer to this question and there are many different opinions as to why.  I don't believe we choose to be transgender some of us just choose to live our lives true to oneself.  Many new studies show there are differences in our bodily make-up.

Q. How long have you been a transgender?
A. Well this too is a bit of a mystery as I believe since birth.  Although at an early age I had the wants and desires to wear girls clothing and be girly probably around 5 or 6 I didn't really start wearing anything till I was probably around 11-12 years old.  This was limited to times I could escape by myself.  I've dreamt of being a girl since I was little.

Q. Are you gay?
A. It doesn't really matter about being gay or not.  Love is love so this is not an issue I'm a happily married woman with a loving and understanding wife.  
It's presumed by many people that you must be gay if you want to be the opposite gender, and this is false information.  Many trans are straight men or women depending on how one looks at the relationship.  Technically speaking since announcing the fact that I'm a transwoman it would classify me as a lesbian since I have a wife and my gender is female.   

Q. Is this something you think could have been prevented?
A. No, I firmly believe this is part of my bodily make up.  I blame no one nor would I wish to change this part of me. I accept that I'm a transwomen.  

Q. Have you ever been harassed?
A. Well I've had a few comments once in a while.  Most people are nice to me when I'm out dressed up, but as I've gotten older I realized that smiling is the best defense.  Let people know you enjoy yourself. I've never really felt threatened by any of the comments.  I realize we all are full of different beliefs and some people feel threatened.  Just smiling and waving most annoying people will just move on. 

Q. Does your wife go out with you dressed up?
A. Yes, my wife has accompanied me many times to many places. I don't hide anymore.  

Q. Do you think you'd ever want SRS (sexual reassignment surgery)?
A. YES.  When and if I feel the time is right I'll have SRS. Completed November 2021

Q. Restroom use when you’re out dressed up.
A. I use the only the ladies room since I announced my official complete coming out on November 6,2017.   The previous answer before fully acknowledging I was a transwoman.  I personally tried not to go when out.   If the need arises try first to find a uni sex bathroom.  The next choice is where you feel the safest.  Remember just cause your not out yet other males may feel threatened by you.  So look at the surroundings and make a safe choice.  Using the women’s bathroom is always an option but laws and rules are different everywhere you go.  Just remember if using the ladies room to sit down to take care of business get in and get out.  There is always the other option of asking the business which they prefer you use.  Safety for you and everyone around you should be an important concern.

Q. What do you say when someone asks you about being a transgender.
A. First one must determine the need to tell and access there own comfort level in dealing with transgender.  I have only recently begun telling people when I'm asked its taken years to get to this comfort level.  However we all have different stories about how and why.  The one thing I always try to put out there that most of us are great hard working people no matter what issues we have with gender.   

Q.  Have you ever taken Hormones?

A. Yes, I started hormones in December 2016 and continue to this day.

Q. What hormones do you take?

Spironolactone-Male testosterone blocker.  I no longer take Spironolactone since gender confirmation surgery.

​Estradiol-Female hormone 

Q. What are your biggest fears about coming out?

A. There are two

​1. The biggest fear is the loss of people that I love because they can't except me. So far this fear has been shattered because most have stood by me.

2. Bathrooms are a great fear because I don't want problems.  Most Trans people are just trying to use the bathroom to take care of what nature creates.  My fear relates to the fact of getting in trouble somewhere because a lot of people don't truly understand being transgender.  Laws and rules are so different from city to state to federal to county to just what is law of the land.  There is really no need for society to assume that a trans person is a threat in the bathroom.  Just like you wouldn't claim that every gun owner will murder someone.  A transgender person shouldn't be considered a threat unless they do an unlawful act.  We should all be cautious of our surroundings this is something I understand very clearly, but a transgender person using the bathroom is a necessity of life.  

Q. What was the hardest thing about coming out? 

A. Telling My parents of my decision to live as Kimberly.  I have a great deal of love and respect for my parents because they've always been there for me, but the fear of loosing them in my life was a lot to bear.  Thankfully my parents are trying to adapt to me being Kimberly and reassured me they will always love me. Love you Mom and Dad.

Q. Are you out at work?

A.  Yes November 6,2017 I officially came out at work.  There have been no problems in relation to my transition. 

​Q. Are you ashamed of your past?

A.  There is no shame in how I feel about my past.  I've been truly blessed to gain many talents and there is nothing about my past that horrifies me. The real fact is I've always felt like a girl and didn't have the knowledge to understand the feeling.  I wish information would have been available as a child.  I spent countless hours hiding many aspects of my feelings.  


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