Thankfully to date I've received no problems in the bathroom.  I just wanted to share a little about this issue as it seems to be a big topic among politicians and some in public.  When I transitioned back in 2016 it took me a little bit to use the female bathroom because of not being out at work and needing to out myself.  Once I was out at work in 2017 my bathroom usage became womans room only.  I've used the ladies room since 2017 and do so with no intent on getting in trouble by being inappropriate.  There is some big misconception that as a transgender person I would want to harm others.  I Can say without a shadow of a doubt that the last thing on my mind is acting in a bad way and facing trouble for my actions.  Let me be very clear if someone cis or transgender act inappropriate hopefully they get caught and punished accordingly for their actions.  Don't lump me or anyone else into bad behavior without a bad action on that individuals part.  Likewise, I've used the dressing/locker room for it's intended purpose as well.  While some fear a transgender person the reality is the same as for all people.  Good people behave well and bad people behave badly.  In the years since my transition I've met many transgender people and have never had a conversation with anyone about bad things we could do in a bathroom.  We fear and worry about being safe in these spaces as well.  I believe anyone in a bathroom should act with respect for others and their safety.  I strongly encourage everyone to use facilities for the intended purpose in appropriate ways.  I've used bathrooms in bars, restaurants, concert venues, stores, work, and any place I need.  Again I don't condone inappropriate behavior by transgender or cis people.   It is important to understand not every transgender or cis person will look/present in away that you deem appropriate and this is not a reason to judge others.  Bad behavior is a reason to take action.   I hope this can help ease fears at some level for everyone's safety.  There is so much to life and it is short try to be tolerant of others.